10- The son of Dhritarashtra who came to the Pandava side before the war

The Mahabharatha war was a war between right and wrong, dharma and adharma. In the geeta, Krishna talks about how he takes form on the earth whenever dharma is in danger and sets things right again. The great war also a tool used by Krishna to set right the imbalance, establish dharma again on Earth. The side that Krishna supported, the Pandavas, represented Dharma and the other, the Kauravas, represented adharma. So can we say that all Kauravas were evil and all Pandavas were good people?? That is not quite true.

(Interestingly, during the course of the war, both sides did carry out some acts that were not fair, the Kauravas did many while the Pandavas can be accused of fewer but both sides were not completely fair, especially towards the end of the war.)

Since Duryodhana’s brothers supported him in his actions and did NOT speak up (except one) against his evil acts, they are thought of as evil people too. However, there was one brother of his who actually switched sides, came over to the Pandavas and fought by their side against Duryodhana. This was Yuyutsu- son of Dhritrashtra by a Vysya woman and not Gandhari. Duryodhana and Yuyutsu had the same father but different mothers.

Before the war begins, Yudisthira makes an announcement on the battlefield that whoever in the Kaurava side wishes to leave them and join the Pandavas has a chance to do so. He promises that he will welcome anyone who switches sides. No one but Yuyutsu takes this chance to leave Duryodhana’s side and come over to the Pandava side. He not only fights for the Pandavas at Kurukshetra but also later on, after the war, he is with them helping them rule Hastinapur.


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Is Yuyutsu 101 th son of Dhiritrashtra...?
Not known about him till now...

One of their brothers,Karna was with Duryodhana...
His brother with Pandavas...

Thank you, Bharathi