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    Salasalakkum Maniyosai - 17

    17th Episode of the Tamil novel "Salasalakkum Maniyosai" is here. Share your thoughts! Happy Reading! Salasalakkum Maniyosai - 17
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    Episode 1 - Natchathira Vizhigalil Vanavil

    We have already geared up for witnessing the high voltage love story between two super strong headed, intelligent individuals with same traits but distinguished by opposite temperaments - one being full of life, fun and wit and the other one is deep, intense and readily inflamed in Then...
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    P14 - Neengaatha Reengaaram

    “When You Hurt the One You Love, You Are Bound To Hurt Yourself” Maruthu is head over heels in love with Jayanthi. There is no question about that. But how should we define his indifference towards her? The oasis he saw in his life is now seemingly threatening to reduce itself as a mere mirage...


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