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Dear Friends,

Here i Give link for Full book of Pani Vizhum Malarvanam!

Pani Vizhum Malarvanam

This link will be active only for next 3 Days.
But Other Episodes will be in Live...
This book is going to be released by next week!
Thank you very much for your wonderful Support!
To read my other released stories please check my website.
From Next Week I will come along with Neela Thiraikadal Oraththiley!
As well as with New Story too..

Thank you!


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அழகான வாழ்வியல் கதை.அருமையான முடிவு.இந்த மேகநாதன் கெட்டவராகவே இருந்திருக்கலாம்.பாவம் கடைசியில் தன்னிலை விளக்கம் கொடுத்துவிட்டு தற்கொலை செய்வது கண் கெட்டபிறகு சூர்யநமஸ்காரம்.

Vijaya RS

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Thank you for this lovely story Shrijo Sis. I just finished reading your other novel Puthum Puthu Malare. Gautham, Madhura and Savee were very nice characters. Could you please give the link to your website or the website address. Thanks and Best Wishes.

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