Formula for peaceful life ! Come on let's try !!

If we define a life style for ourselves and follow it, no matter what happens in life.. whatever happens, we will be able to face it .. handle it.. and overcome it..

practice to have own profession (it can even be daily wages), invest mind and time on interesting things n hobbies, have the habit of generating income n savings, have peaceful mindset regardless of external factors, rich in building our attitude, character n personality, stop backbiting in ur chit chat, instead of worried about your surroundings just think about your growth, definitely show your helping hand who's in need, etc etc...

Regardless of our background and financial status , everyone can follow the above mentioned formula in life.. regardless of ur current situation, you can be peaceful n you can always have smile on your face n mind..

I blindly accept the below statement that I read.. I have it here for you too..
"Do not get upset with people or situations,
Both are powerless without your reaction"

Unleash It Here....

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