Chapter 3


images.jpegChapter - 3

Now Shiva went to complete formalities about accident . He left his phone near Avneesh and went to the mortuary . Shiva phone rings still Avneesh was in fear stage after hearing sound he suddenly wake from shock and attend the call before he says hello someone in other end say Ananya was still in drowsy what to do next . Now he can't believe anything around him . But he continued to hear the call without speaking but before other end say some other things Shiva come out so he ends the call and place the phone where it was before.

Avneesh say i feel like we can't get her and now only i remember about her love with one guy . I think so she ran away with him . Lets stop searching for her.

Avneesh look at Shiva expression . His face suddenly get glow and smile then change to sad face . Shiva say no we should search for her . Avneesh say let's drop the plan and i have to reach Delhi by tomorrow afternoon .

Now both left the spot and go on their own way. Avneesh call his assistant and say go to Ananya office and with the help of manager announce Ananya missing information in front of team members and read face reaction of them and find spy . Just take him with you and go to police station there trace his phone call and fill case on him .

After guiding his manager , he start to follow Shiva . He first go to police station and check airline to conform Avneesh traveling ticket . It states he booked ticket to Delhi . Now Shiva feel relief and start to execute the plan . Actually that ticket booked early before this issue and in hurry Avneesh even forgot to cancel ticket .

Now Shiva decides to go to spot and kill her . Avneesh to avoid suspicion he start to follow him in Autorickshaw . In the old building slowly Ananya recovering from unconsciousness slightly she remembers what happened to her . she tries to lose his rope and after long try finally knot get lose and she gets free from rope and now remove clothes closing her mouth . She does deep breathe and look around to find a way to escape .

She saw window in that room then she slowly walked near the window and view outside it was dark but has a way to go out since it was underground she need to go up using staircase after crossing two rooms . She jumped out of the room using window gap and now she walks slowly to reach the staircase .

Then she climb up and reach outside of the building . It is dark outside . She starts to run before rowdies find her . After 5 minutes of running she saw a car . Just she try to stop the car and ask for help .

That is Shiva car first he get confused later he understood she escaped from them . Shiva act like I'm ready to help her . So he opens the car for her .

But before she gets into the car someone pull her . That is Avneesh who follow Shiva . Now Ananya hug Avneesh and start to cry . Avneesh now try to calm her down. Shiva simply stand there don't know what to do .

Now police surrender them . Shiva and rowdies get arrested . With Aakash approval of giving information to the factory owner and his phone call evidence all are arrested including factory owner.

Aakash jealous about Ananya in work so he just give information so he thinks she can not release this game but he don't know they will kidnap her and try to kill her . Then when he hears about Ananya kidnap he immediately reveal truth and give evidence to the police .

After few months with Avneesh influence he fill case against factory for polluting the ocean and for Ananya kidnap . He won both cases . All the victims involved in this case got punishment according to law .

Ananya game released and as usual her game hit in the playstore and break all the records .

Avneesh and roja wedding arranged in grand style . Ananya enjoyed lot in their wedding and keep on teasing them . When she came down from the stage to the dining hall for lunch she dash someone . She ask sorry to him . He just look at her eyes and say i love you will you marry me . She just smile and leave . Who knows he may win Ananya heart in future that all in the hands of god.



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