Chapter 2


Chapter - 2
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Heavy traffic and she almost reach near to her apartment suddenly someone hit her Scooty and make her fall down. After that 5 rowdies jump from lorry and kidnap her with scooty .

Then they drive lorry to some hidden place and Ananya was in drowsy state because of chloroform they used on her .

Next day evening Avneesh give Ananya phone call but he hear switch off voice message. So he call her office to ask about her but they reply she was absent today. Then Avneesh quickly drive his car to Ananya apartment to check for her .

When he reach her home , it was locked so he went down to ask about her to security staff . They say she did not return from office yesterday and they Lastly see her yesterday morning then she not enter the apartment.

After hearing their answer suddenly he felt shivering and remember Ananya words someone following me . He know very well about her she don't have any other friends to even go out . She always go to office and back to home and never go out . She only have Avneesh to even look after her other than him there is no one for her in this world.

Now Avneesh take deep breathe and call his friend Shiva who is inspector . He ask can you please help me and it is emergency . Shiva reply yes sure can you come and meet me at police station . Avneesh say ok i will be there in 20 minutes and rush to the police station.

There he meet Shiva and say everything happened and ask for his help. Now Shiva say i will help you surely just tell me the route she use to reach her apartment from office . Avneesh reply him and Shiva say don't worry i will look at the matter you just get relax .

Shiva went to investigate and Avneesh think to go home but he feel restless so he drive car to Ananya office to get some information . Because he know about Ananya games and he believe because of that only now she may be kidnaped .

After entering office , he ask receptionist to meet manager and it is emergency. She ask him to wait . After conforming manager schedule he went to manager cabin and there he shortly say about Ananya situation and ask about her recent game created by her . Manager give all details and now Avneesh get confused because her last completed game released 1 year ago so he think this issue is not related with this game . Now he close his eyes and calming down his anger and tension.

Suddenly he get clicked and ask manager is there any recent game without release or approval . Now manager reply yes and give document related to that . He now get clear path about who kidnap her and for what purpose .

He even noticed that before release of game issue is created so not everyone know about this game . Only team members know about it . So he request manager to keep it as secret now and reveal it later with all team members to find that spy with face reaction . But suddenly Avneesh get call from Shiva so Avneesh say i will be back in 1 hour that time you can reveal it to all team members at a time . Manager reply sure ok .

Now Avneesh go to location where shiva waiting for him . There he say to Avneesh i get information like yesterday night there was an accident i just call you to look at that dead body to check Whether she is Ananaya or not . After hearing this Avneesh heart just stop for few seconds then he regain his energy and went to check .

Luckily it was not Ananya now only Avneesh get relief . Ask Shiva what is the next move but he didn't reveal anything that he get from her office .

Somehere in old unused building underground slot Ananya was tied and her mouth was closed with clothes . Still she was drowsy . Actually they plan to kill her . They think she don't have any one . But suddenly today India second richest business man Avneesh searching for her . So they still not execute their plan and waiting for commands from their boss . Ananya continue to stay in drowsy state .


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