32: Why was Duryodhana not automatically the next king even though he was the eldest son of the eldest son?

Duryodhana's biggest complaint was that he was the eldest son of the eldest son, Dhritarashtra, so he should get the throne automatically. However, in the Kuru clan, this rule was not followed unless the eldest son was also the most qualified to rule.

Earlier, Yayati's eldest son Yadu did not come to throne. His youngest son Puru did. In fact, Yadu was cursed that he would never sit on a throne. Yadu's descendants are the Yadavas, and Krishna is later born in this family.

Similarly, Shantanu was not the eldest son. His elder brother Devapi was still alive when Shantanu became king.

Yudishtira became the yuvaraja because everyone, the ministers, elders, citizens, saw that he was most qualified and he would make the best king. It was not just because he was the eldest of the children.

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