28: Why was Arjuna not made commander in chief of the Pandava army?


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Arjuna was the supreme commander, above Dhristadyumna. But there was a reason why he was deliberately kept aside from the day to day charge of the war. he was the Pandavas’ most potent weapon adn he had innumerable responsibilities upon his shoulders. Bogging him down with management wud distract him from the many things he had to do ON the battlefield.
Throughout the battle you see that wherever the Kauravas were inflicting maximum damage Arjuna was called in and he had to arrive quickly and restore control. Unless he has the freedom to go where he was needed most instead of supervising the whole army, unless he was free to quickly change tactics or opponent, he could not protect his army in the best way as his skills allowed him to do.

Udyoga Parva of the MB, Bhagawat Yana Parva states that above all of the seven commanders of the seven akshauhinis and Dhristadyumna (the commander in chief) was Arjuna, over seeing them all.

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