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    Salasalakkum Maniyosai - 17

    17th Episode of the Tamil novel "Salasalakkum Maniyosai" is here. Share your thoughts! Happy Reading! Salasalakkum Maniyosai - 17
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    Episode 1 - Natchathira Vizhigalil Vanavil

    We have already geared up for witnessing the high voltage love story between two super strong headed, intelligent individuals with same traits but distinguished by opposite temperaments - one being full of life, fun and wit and the other one is deep, intense and readily inflamed in Then...
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    Salasalakkum Maniyosai 6

    Here comes the 6th episode of "Salasalakkum Maniyosai". Happy Reading! :) Salasalakkum Maniyosai 6


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