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    28: Why was Arjuna not made commander in chief of the Pandava army?

    Arjuna was the supreme commander, above Dhristadyumna. But there was a reason why he was deliberately kept aside from the day to day charge of the war. he was the Pandavas’ most potent weapon adn he had innumerable responsibilities upon his shoulders. Bogging him down with management wud...
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    26: Who was Bhishma? What is the story behind his birth?

    The curse that resulted in the birth of Bhishma: The 8 Vasus stole Vasishta's cow and as a consequence were cursed to be born as mortals. The Vasu who instigated them was Dyou and he was cursed to live for a long time on Earth, remaining childless. The others would be delivered from their...
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    22: Did Draupadi really laugh at Duryodhan when he fell into the pool at Maya sabha?

    It is a commonly believed story that when Duryodhan was touring the Maya sabha at Indraprastha after Rajasuya Yaga, he was impressed and wonderstruck. While touring he mistook a pool for marble flooring and stepped in it, only to land right n the water and get soaked. As many people believe...


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