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    33: Why do many think that Bhima was a violent, brash warrior?

    Here is a post on Bhima's humility and courage. When Hanuman offers to destroy the Kauravas for him, Bhima humbly rejects the offer and says that the Pandavas only need hanuman's blessings. A popular argument by Duryodhan 'fans'is that "Bhima bullied the Kauravas in childhood". How will a...
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    32: Why was Duryodhana not automatically the next king even though he was the eldest son of the eldest son?

    Duryodhana's biggest complaint was that he was the eldest son of the eldest son, Dhritarashtra, so he should get the throne automatically. However, in the Kuru clan, this rule was not followed unless the eldest son was also the most qualified to rule. Earlier, Yayati's eldest son Yadu did not...
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    31: Who conceived first #Kunti or #Gandhari? Who was born first?

    Kunti's son Yudishtira was born first despite Gandhari having conceived a whole year earlier than Kunti. When she heard of Yudishtira's birth, Gandhari was terribly disturbed and she hit her pregnant stomach violently. As a result, she delivered a ball of flesh. Vyasa, who had given her the boon...
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    30: Who was Adiratha, the adoptive father of Karna?

    Adiratha was the younger prince of the royal household of the kingdom of Anga. Since he was younger, he was not heir to the throne of Anga. However, he was still a prince and enjoyed royal privileges. Karna grew up in prosperity with this princely family. Perhaps this was why Kunti did not try...
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    29: The war at Kurukshetra before the Pandavas and Kauravas fought

    Even before the Pandavas and kauravas clashed at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, another Kuru king had battled there for 3 long years. This was Satyavati's son Chitrangadha, a brave and powerful warrior. He fought with a Gandharva, also named Chitrangadha, but at the end lost his life. His...
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    28: Why was Arjuna not made commander in chief of the Pandava army?

    Arjuna was the supreme commander, above Dhristadyumna. But there was a reason why he was deliberately kept aside from the day to day charge of the war. he was the Pandavas’ most potent weapon adn he had innumerable responsibilities upon his shoulders. Bogging him down with management wud...
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    27: How Karna links back to Yayati's line

    Karna, the son of Kunti, is raised as the son of Adiratha. The Pandavas are descendants of the King Puru who is Yayati's youngest son. However, the interesting thing is that Adiratha, who adopts Karna is also a descendant of the same line in a different way, as follows (This is mentioned in...
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    26: Who was Bhishma? What is the story behind his birth?

    The curse that resulted in the birth of Bhishma: The 8 Vasus stole Vasishta's cow and as a consequence were cursed to be born as mortals. The Vasu who instigated them was Dyou and he was cursed to live for a long time on Earth, remaining childless. The others would be delivered from their...
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    25: Is the Mahabharatha written from the Pandavas' point of view?

    A common idea is that the Mahabharatha is written with great partiality to the pandavas. This is definitely not true and Vyasa makes sure to mention the good deeds and courage of ALL characters. The most obvious thing that tells us that the story is not at all written from the Pandava point of...
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    Post 24: The Ekalavya - Krishna connection. Why Ekalavya is NOT a tragic hero.

    Thank you. Reading MB in context, with other texts always brings out many new points of view.
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    Post 24: The Ekalavya - Krishna connection. Why Ekalavya is NOT a tragic hero.

    Everyone knows Ekalavya as a dedicated student who practiced archery on his own but credited his success to Guru Drona who had rejected him. Yet Drona asked for his thumb. Only this part of the story appears in Vyasa MB so we think of Ekalavya as a tragic hero and Drona as the 'villain'. If we...
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    Proud to announce my story published in a Mahabharath book

    Thank you, working on another short story for a different anthology. Hope that will also be good enough for selection :)


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