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    பேரன்பு பிரவாகம் -31

    I admire prava, he does everything malar requests or to satisfy her.Malar is the one who has to change and should understand that a coin has 2 sides and try to think from his perspective.
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    பேரன்பு பிரவாகம் -25

    Prava’s role is interesting and he has his own tactics to manage everyone. I started liking his role. Poor malar , within few days thrown out of committee , I expected more from malar.
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    ஜீவ தீபங்கள் -32

    very nice update, Shameless vaithi , still not realising his mistake. Priya"s galata is nice
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    நேச நதி -15

    nice update, Atleast Vijay should have been informed about the child, he has missed a lot.
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    சக்தி குருவின் மதுரை வீரன் பொம்மி 7

    Superb update. Thank god Jana is in good shape. wish Keerthna refuse her marriage with that instant mapillai
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    அன்பின் ஆலாபனை - 10

    no wonder Sahana came out of the house, escaped from villi


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