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  1. Krishnanthamira

    என் அலாதிநேசம் நீ!.. 4

    Indha kadha enaku pidika ve pidikathu ninache because of its genre. Ana KP you have magic in your hands
  2. Krishnanthamira

    Mental Manathil 14

    Indha book Kindle la ilaya Malli Mam
  3. Krishnanthamira

    கோணல் கோணங்கள் - 1

    Indha kailash Andha Cricket story la vara police thana Rags maa
  4. Krishnanthamira

    Bala Sundar's TN 7575 3

    Enaku indha madhiri stories knjm avathu than analum Ena than nadakuthu nu pakanum nu waiting
  5. Krishnanthamira

    Bala Sundar's TN 7575 1

    Very different plot Best wishes Bala
  6. Krishnanthamira

    ஜீவ தீபங்கள் -8

    Tej nalla paiyan la uthra vida periya paixana irundha nalla irundhrukum
  7. Krishnanthamira

    மெல்ல உன் வசமாகுறேன் -13(final)

    I loved this story way way more than Bhavana one. PRASANA pov is absolutely crct. Some ppl are born and brought up with some principles , they can't change that.
  8. Krishnanthamira

    Nee Ennul YaaradaaFinal

    Same feelings The idham I feel from KP writings are always magical.
  9. Krishnanthamira

    Nee Ennul Yaaradaa 22

    Kowsi ku la patalum puthi varathu
  10. Krishnanthamira

    Nee Ennul Yaaradaa 21

    KP am in love with your writing Ivlo maiyaloda oru valkai ninachave pularikithu ponga
  11. Krishnanthamira

    P24 மாறன் அம்பு

    Vedanth is right in his stand. He was there for his son everytime. But His son left him at his important function and Ammamma how is she okay with all this. So what sindhu can't stand in the altar? Ammama helped Vedanth's only son to get married without his presence and she is demanding him to...
  12. Krishnanthamira

    Nee Ennul Yaaradaa 20

    Barani Gayu dialogues


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