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    Hi friends, Was happy , pleased, moved to see the birtheday messages. thanks a lot and am...

    Hi friends, Was happy , pleased, moved to see the birtheday messages. thanks a lot and am sosorry for replying this late. namakku samayale periya vishayam..ippo veettu velayium seinu sollitanga... rombaaa kashtama irukku. Anyway, you people stay in, stay safe... take care all of you. Love always! <3
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    Nenjora Nilave 22

    Nenjora Nilave 22 Happy Reading!!
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    Anbum Arivum Udaithaayin - 4

    Here comes the 4th episode of AAU Anbum Aruvum - 4
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    Nenjora Nilave 17

    Here is 17th episode of Nenjora Nilave Nilavu 17
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    Montessori method thane ithu basically...?? good for children..give a solid grip on basics on language and maths. no attraction sensation yet... waiting for the showers of it... but A2I2 relate pannitan....
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 27

    Awww sis... I see that..understand that!! Both are very well crafted....
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 27 did he find out that the second fire accident was actually an orchestrated one? was any clue dropped in prev episodes??? did i miss anything?
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 27

    the deep hidden matters of the heart are not shared with everyone the next immediate action/reaction is not to be gauged by everyone... ithellam connect agi..oru pointla varum pothu ..the end result is a bful relationship with a strong bond.... solla koodathathu...solla mudiyathathu...apdi...
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    Neengatha Reengaram 28 - Precap

    Here is the link to the precap video of the episode 28. NR - 28 Precap Video
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    Nenjora Nilave - 15

    the 15th episode is here.. Nenjora Nilave 15
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    Siragaai Virinthaen Unnaal 11

    Your writing made the scene..the chars ...just expanded in full zoomed visuals in front of my eyes... @kavipritha ... one of your super bestss!! wonderful reading this!!
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    Pavi..Jai thernjapram attraction scale erumo? illa... athukkum munnaveva? I mean...insipration-nu therinjapram attraction varuma... Attraction epdiyo spark agi..ada namma inspiration than theriya varuma... epdi nadanthalum..athukapram imagination thevai application poiduvan...
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    Wil Jai apply his AI skills to process the data from shambhavi's one expression..when they come eye to eye...??? By any chance, Jai will relate this spl kozhukattai with Shambhavi's art skills???
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    One verse that explains Qur'an


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