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    5 Things for 2020*

    Nice one.. Happy new year!
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    Nenjora Nilave 8

    Here you go with the 8th episode. NN - 8
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    Nenjora Nilave 6

    Here you go with the 6th episode... NN 6 Part 1 NN 6 Part 2
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    Karthick... chinna paiyan.

    Karthick... chinna paiyan.
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    Viral Theendidu Uyire - 31

    Here u go with the links for 31st episode of VTU. VTU 31 Part 1 VTU 31 Part 2
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 17

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    Viral Theendidu Uyire - 30

    Episode 30 of VTU is here. enjoy reading. VTU 30 - 1 VTU 30 - 2
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    ஓமவல்லி சிறுதானிய அடை

    this is wonderful...ella milletsum podanuma...cant we choose just one?
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 15

    intha mathri oru episode-a, writing-a admire pannama epdi irukka.... its totally wonderful... Sila nilaigal-la pothuvana vithigal, kotpadugal othu varathu.... ninaivugal, nigazhvugal....explanation arumai... Mattrangal...kala pokkula varuthu silathu..silathu happen coz of events'...
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    Enakkaanavalae Neethaanae 10

    Sheeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....sema episode!!!!!!!!!
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    ஸ்மிரிதியின் மனு - 13

    If the characters can be peeled as layers at every step as you read the story, it gives sort of a deep satisfaction. Here more interesting part is every one talks about Smriti... the conclusive reflection of it is unveiled through him.